Gecko 5.5.1 - Responsive Shopify Theme - RTL support

/ By themelock - April 06, 2021 / Views: 4 497
Whatever you’re selling, Gecko is the only Shopify theme you’ll need to create a powerful online store that checks all your boxes and offers your customers the most seamless shopping experience. Offering modern design and minimalist feel with a range of specialist demos, Gecko is designed for an array of different online retailers. Display your products in style and make it easy for your customers to browse, choose and purchase.



laidan 18:28, 06 April

The Theme is locked, needs an Evanto key.

The Theme is locked, needs an Evanto key.

The Theme is locked, needs an Evanto key.

opology 21:28, 06 April

Hi, the theme is locked and requires a code, how do I fix that?

opology 05:27, 07 April

it needs a purchase code, how do i get rid of that

cizeuser 20:29, 07 April

finaly a new shopify theme please keep doing that and update furrie theme !

For those who get trouble with a code do that:

go to theme code editor
after open rt.application.js.liquide
and delete code between {%endraw%} and {%- if settings.product_design == "scroll" -%}

Ps: Please update furrie theme shopify

lowzerboyd 18:33, 08 April

Can't find the rt.application.js.liquid file in the them docs
Does anyone has the solution?

opology 19:06, 08 April

@cizeuser, I can't find any section or part of the theme code named "rt.application.js.liquide"

josephroy 17:54, 09 April

plz give me the licence code to active the theme

RaiSouza 03:21, 10 April

Hello, I'm not finding this code in the theme, is there a tutorial that you can teach?

josephroy 18:13, 13 April

plz comment the theme licence code

twint 21:36, 13 April

hi someone could help remove the passwordf??

ATLAS 20:20, 16 April

The Theme is locked, needs an Evanto key.

yowroz 14:42, 19 April

dude, it's locked please give u license key

ayoubben 19:42, 24 April

IT's locked guys

it need a key

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    IT's locked guys

    it need a key